Man-Up Ball Wash


We had Two major goals in mind when we decided on this Product; Hygiene and Great sex. This Wash will help you promote cleaner Hygiene for your Men's Part, you will smell and feel fresh all day. You also have Wash that helps you bring out the King Energy within you; promotes Sexual Appetite and boosts fertility.


It's so simple, Wash your Masculine 'Area ' daily with this wash and just about anytime you feel like. It should be your handy 'go to' all day, all times 


Castile Soap, Maca, Ashwaganda, Plantain leaves, Echinacea, Horny goat weed,  Gingko Biloba, Shatavari, Sheabutter, Grapeseed oil, American Ginseng 



Please consult your doctor before use. Note that this claims are not meant to override your Doctors prescription and Diagnosis. This Product is not made to provide or cure a Diagnosis. Do a patch test before use for possible skin reactions. 

All Claims haven't been evaluated by FDA yet.