Temitayo Komolafe. ( Owner)
Poised Organics came into being due to my quest for Herbal Remedies and Selfcare Solutions void of Paraben, Toxins and Damaging chemicals. Growing up in Nigeria , I struggled to find mild yet active skin care products, for my very dry skin. My passion for Herbal Selfcare care grew so large after finding out that my 3 year old Son, has all the symptoms that could get him diagnosed for ADHD. This is not an attempt to self diagnosed, but after so many researches and having little control of my beloved son's several outburst , uncontrollable tantrums, self hurts and unrests, I knew as a family , we were in for a long run. I also HAD my own struggles with Anxiety , Herbs saved me. Life has been a lot easier after I turned to Herbs .
Since this is working for me and my family, I thought I should let other people enjoy the natural goodness of Herbs in diverse ways. Here at Poised Organics, when we claim a Product is Vegan , Natural or Organic, we really do mean it.
Thanks for stopping by and shopping .

Temitayo Komolafe