Chill Oil. 2oz

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This Oil was thoughtfully and carefully Handcrafted to help you manage your ADHD and Anxiety symptoms. Just like the name, 'Chill', you will experience a more restful state of mind. It promotes some level of calmness to what you are used to. 

Do a patch test to avoid potential allergic reactions and consult your Doctor before use. Do not use if Pregnant or planning to be. Note that this claims have not been evaluated by FDA and we are in no way promising a cure to what you have going on. 


Use dropper to apply Oil on your chest and or your head before bedtime. You can as well use after shower or add to your body moisturizer. 



Organic Green oats leaves, Organic Kola, Organic Brahmi, American Ginseng, Organic Gingko Billoba, Organic Chamomile, Organic Rose petals, Virgin Olive oil

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