Tumeric Papaya Brightening Bar
Tumeric Papaya Brightening Bar
Tumeric Papaya Brightening Bar
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Tumeric Papaya Brightening Bar

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Here is our wonder Bar of soap you should have in your bathroom. Formulated with Organic Tumeric, Organic Papaya,  Honey, Lemons, Black seed oil and other Yummy and healthy skin foods. Your body will thank you for pampering it with skin the Skin loving and Brightening ingredients. This soap is formated to promote a glowing skin, fight Acne, reduce scaring, promote even skin tone, reduce skin inflammations and Eczema tighten and restore Elasticity to the skin.



Organic Tumeric, Organic Papaya, Organic Honey, Organic Blackseed oil, Vit B, Vit C, Vit E, Essential oils, Organic Sheabutter, Lemons, Herbal infused oil, Tamanu oil and Jojoba oil 


Rub the soap on a wet wash cloth to create a beautiful lather. Wash your skin with it and rinse off with water. 



All Claims haven't been FDA evaluated. This product should not override your Doctor's prescription or advise. Consult your Doctor before use. 

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